The White Queen ★★½

Fictionalized history where every woman is Cersei.

Sometimes it's entertaining, but mostly it's a lot of people talking about what they should be doing.

The women are all fucking nuts. Often paranoid, sometimes outright cunty, and always giving their husbands advice that causes problems where otherwise there might be none. Plus, there's the one crazy pious bitch who we all know wins in the end (you know your history, right?), but she's just not a character with whom I could empathize.

It's a different take on things, seeing these historical events fictionalized from women's perspectives, but it's a lot of talking and plotting and paranoid conspiracy theorizing. Plus, it's often difficult to know who to sympathize with, if anyone.

At least make sure to watch the Starz version, that way you get to see all the boobs.