Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★

Sometimes all you really need is ninety minutes of two rather gormless slackers traversing the depths of time in a film that's as charming as it is silly to truly remind you of how stupidly fun movies can be. I had such a blast with this film.

Both Keanu and Alex Winter come across as the two most lovable morons with performances that are actually pretty believable. If my only exposure to Keanu was this film and I caught him on the street by chance one day I would probably expect him to talk just like Ted. Woah.

This film was most excellent - and I'm glad I got to watch this now of all times since we're on the onset of the third in the franchise. Hopefully the theaters are back up and running by then because I'll definitely be there to watch it.

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