Midsommar ★★★

It's fair to say, whatever your opinion is at the end of Midsommar, there's an opinion. It's a film that will forcibly evoke a response from you, regardless if it's a positive one or not. For me, well, it's hard to explain. I think that comes down to the expectations I had formed before viewing Midsommar, most of which were based on a recent first viewing of Aster's Hereditary.

To clarify, some of the things I expected from Midsommar were either a dud or slightly dissapointing. Some of the things I didn't expect, well, they blew me away entirely. My reaction to Midsommar may seem like an oxymoron but Midsommar truly falls into the little category of films which are a rare culmination of dissapointing ends and pleasant surprises. But an experience, nonetheless.

The positives of Midsommar are plentiful. It's an absolutely gorgeous film. One that immerses you into the scenes effortlessly through the abundance of beauty on the screen. All of this by way of the fantastic colour pallete, the set designs, the strikingly pretty cinematography, the costumes, the sound which deserves some praise in it's own right and the well thought out and stunning depiction of a pagan commune.

However, there wasn't any euphoria, or even a simple state of satisfaction at the end. There was an underlying current of dissapointment. One which stems from the narrative structure. There wasn't much going for Midsommar plot wise. Aster himself said the films primary narrative was that it was a 'break up film'. 

But what exactly did we learn about the relationship between the two main characters in that conflict? How well was the decay of their relationship portrayed? Not very well in my opinion. Almost terribly. Whatever we learnt about their relationship in the first act was everything we needed to know. Every moment after that in which Aster tried to portray their relationship breaking apart was almost woeful.

Another note is the fact that a lot of the criticism for Midsommar was directed at the pacing, and although I quite liked the pacing of the film I understand that critique. Some of the moments of pure dread were built up quite fantastically. Some were building towards that, but the sense of impending doom was smitten by the fact that certain scenes dragged on too long resulting in the final moments of said scenes to fall flat. This was sadly another recurrent problem throughout the film.

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