Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★

If you were to re-write the script of Southland Tales with the sole purpose of changing it from 2008 in which It's set to our current 2020, there's far less of the film you'd have to alter than you think. This film just works right now.

This incoherent trainride embodies the same chaotic energy as our current reality and it truly feels like an amalgamation of the post-9/11 surveillance state; the rising nuclear anxiety in the middle east, the absurdity of this trump era, celebrity culture as we currently consume it, the volatility of social media and man, even the paranoia currently gripping us via covid-19.

This film isn't prophetic nor is it philosophical in the slightest yet it somehow manages to feel like it encapsulates the confusion that's a constant fixture in these current times better than any other film that I've seen.

This was a pretty enjoyable 'mishap' that was a little soiled by Kelly getting a little too indulgent despite that being the main reason why this film has any merit. That 'pimps don't commit suicide line' would've been awesome if it wasn't repeated on three seperate occasions. It felt like Kelly was trying a little too hard at times.

But man, this was something.

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