The American Friend

The American Friend ★★★★½

Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz. Now that's a wondrous duo If I've ever seen one. This is my first Wim Wenders and I'm blown away by just how stylish of a film this was. 

A seriously gripping European neo-noir starring a cowboy in Deutschland and a desperate man that's a simple leap away from death. Beautiful shots, beautiful lighting and some incredibly pretty segments that had me replaying certain scenes. Something as simple as Zimmerman playing around with that sheet of gold.

Their on-screen presence together could have easily had me engaged for another hour or two. It's a little crazy that they famously didn't get along on set and even had a fistfight whilst shooting only to go out for a wild night of drinking before making up. The title of this film feels a little transcendent in that regard.

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