Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★½

Lake Mungo is a chilling meditation on grief. For the first twenty minute or so the mockumentry style this inhabits  had me very convinced this was real and was aired on SBS back in 2008 when it released.. It felt too real at times leaving me with chills and genuine terror which not many horror films do. I think at times this does venture into the obvious for the sake of atmosphere but it worked every time it had too. It has its moments of reality and it doesn't but it holds a reasonable balance never loosing its core plot . Letting the plot flow in a way where the audience finds out Alice’s double life with her family made this very compelling because at times it’s gut wrenching to watch. We are on this journey or rather they are for the sole reason to move on and get on with their lives leaving behind the past. This structure let every part of Alice’s last few months very impactful and terrifying, letting her be more than a ghost lurking in the back photos. It’s affected me in a weird way and is genuinely creepy, it’s also a plus that this is home grown film that’s good, which is rare. No doubt I’ll rewatch this sometime in the future.

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