Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

There were so many highlights throughout this movie. Through every twist, turn and shocking moment, the blunt message executed through a fiery revenge plot never failed to disappoint. The opening sequence captures everything the film is trying to say, it is the only time where what was being said wasn’t subtle and was shown directly in its most uncomfortable form, even though it set up something so fun in the last second. The scenes of Cassie screwing people over from her past in a revenge style way through 1-5, was fun to watch, what I enjoyed most about these sequences is the deeper meaning it has to her past and how it affects her future and relationship with Ryan (until the tape) . I think the writing was great for each character and was accompanied by great performances. Carey Mulligan should be recognised in some for this performance. A lot of this worked because it grounded itself with how your meant to feel in each scene, sometimes happy, sometimes shocked maybe even confused. This had a lot of subtlety to it which made it better as a reflection on Cassies character and society. Jumping away from this, when the lines that represented 4 came on the screen with the ‘toxic’ score, I was ready for whatever was to come, that sequence was damn emotional especially towards the end of it but it made the ending, work in a great way. This movie is gonna piss off a few people, but I loved a lot of it.


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