Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

Ready or Not takes Hide and Seek and turns it into a darkly comedic and all out guns blazing horror film. Grace is the ultimate final girl, who goes through so much on the first night of her wedding. I feel that Grace as a character is quite delicate writing and acting wise, with how much she goes through. If the acting or writing wasn’t on point, the movie would have been ruined. However Samara Weaving was a perfect choice for the character as she encapsulates all of Grace’s emotions both physically and mentally, in the best ways. Personally the reason why this is so great and one of my favourite films is because it is a perfect blend at comedy and horror. There are so many deaths in this that were funny because of how stupid the characters came across, in the gory and bloody mess they created. There’s some things plot wise that seem way too convenient but the ending never missed with being a funny and gory mess, giving needed relief for Grace, if you can call it that, because her in-laws are dead. I’m glad I rewatched this.


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