Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Tetsuo: The Iron Man ★★★★

Tetsuo the Iron is 67 minutes of absolute absurd horror. It barely has plot, has insane stop motion sequences and editing, as well as a sound design that makes no sense in the scheme of the film. None of these things are bad because because the film embraces what is, never let’s go and doesn't over stay it’s welcome. It’s faced paced and moves quickly through all the flashing imagery thrown at you. I also found a lot of this weirdly comedic. The best comedic moment has to be when the guy who’s transforming into metal gets a raging noisy drill dick that doesn’t shout up. Yep I’m
not making that up but the fact this is so odd and not out of place makes it so much better. This is absurdist schlock horror at its finest.


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