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  • Phenomena



    Dario Argento’s fairy tale about a lonely young girl’s connection with bugs might just be my favorite of his many bangers. Jennifer Connelly is incredible considering she was only 13-years old and is pretty much in every shot (save for the mood setting opening). 
    Imagine your first films being from Argento and Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

    Our fairy tale nightmare is set in Switzerland with the Alps standing ominously tall, beautiful yet intimidating. The sounds of…

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    The new Studio Canal 4K release is stunningly beautiful as is the movie. I first saw The Elephant Man when I was eight years old and watched it obsessively. Many years later it hasn’t lost any of its power. 1980 was such a great year with two masterful black and white films with this and Raging Bull.

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  • Masquerade



    Meg Tilly had a great run in the 1980s. I first saw her in PSYCHO 2 and she made quite the impression. She'd go on to co-star with Jane Fonda and Anne Bancroft in AGNES OF GOD for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. There's a vulnerability as well as strength in her that I've always found appealing. Here she plays a wealthy heiress Olivia (a nod to Olivia De Havilland's HEIRESS I'm sure). Whoever marries her will…

  • Chameleon Street

    Chameleon Street


    "Do I have to deal drugs to make money?"

    This is the question for William at the beginning of director/writer/star Wendall B. Harris Jr.'s audacious debut. Based on a true story, William has no intention of falling into the drug trade. Instead he makes money by becoming various professions. He's able to change himself based on his situation and to make money by putting on an act. He even pretends to be a doctor and a pretty good one.


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  • Fresh



    Very distasteful but not in a good or even offensive way rather an eye-rolling one.
    There’s an apparently “meet-cute” at a grocery store that I found cringy. Then there’s the tired Black best friend trope (make her Lesbian for bonus points). While chatting with her needy white friend, who tells her she got laid, she yells “get that D” while at work. Oh how hilarious. I’m just not on this film’s wavelength. I found the humor, shall I say, hate…

  • The Harder They Fall

    The Harder They Fall


    The Good:
    As always LaKeith Stanfield. He's one of my favorite actors and looks great in cowboy getup. His line deliveries during an excellent train sequence made me smile and pay attention. Overall the cast is stellar. I wish the film matched their presence.

    The Bad:
    The story doesn't warrant a two hour plus running time. After being on board for the first 45 minutes or so I started to lose interest. There are scenes that might have hit more…