Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★½

Netflix has a real winner here! It’s a shame most people won’t see it on the big screen with an enthusiastic crowd. It begs for it. 

Army of the Dead continues to display what a great visual stylist Zach Snyder is. He was bound to be his own cinematographer. He pulls off double duty with ease. There are many shots you could frame and put on a wall. All involved in making this hybrid heist=zombie film should be proud of their hard work. From the stunts to the makeup and to all of the performers. Throughout the film I felt like a kid in a candy store. There are so many adrenaline pumping moments and some laugh out loud ones too. Though extremely entertaining make no mistake this is a film about death made by a man who lost his daughter. Added that we've been in a world pandemic makes what could just be another zombie film added weight.

David Bautista is fantastic! Underneath the tough guy exterior is a broken man and you feel it. He proves to be a versatile actor. You want to see him succeed and make it out of this nihilistic film alive. One snooty critic wrote that you won't care if anyone survives. I had a very different experience. I found most of the various characters interesting and endearing and felt fear for their lives. The long running time helps to flesh out the characters without ever dragging the film down.

As usual with Snyder films it opens with a stunning credit sequence. There are excellent needle drops throughout. This being set in Vegas you can expect to hear some bitingly funny ones set to scenes of ultimate carnage. I was going to write more about the plot but I think it's best you just go along for the ride.

Possible Spoiler but not specific.

I was lucky to see this in a theatre with an enthusiastic audience. Army of the Dead is a real crowd pleaser until it's not. Considering the dark times we live in don't expect everything to work out. There was lots of cheering but also some tears which surprised me. One guy was actually crying. You might think why? Well maybe he lost someone who knows but I can see this film being cathartic for those who have and for just about anyone during these trying times.

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