No Way Out

No Way Out ★★★½

Let him bleed!
I can’t kill a man just because he hates me.

I had no idea this was going to be so intense. Sidney Poitier stars as a doctor who becomes the hateful obsession of a white convict played by Richard Windmark. The portagal of racism is blunt as it should be. In 1950 I doubt there were many movies out of Hollywood to tackle racism. The setting is medical and it’s clear the film is saying that racism is a sickness. One that can be caught very young and hard to cure. There’s a moment when after hearing a racist tirade a white woman who’s also prejudice becomes ill. She realizes how far the hatred can go as it turns to violence. It sickens not only the ones receiving the hated but also the ones spewing it. It’s difficult to have sympathy for someone who acts on such hatred. The film asks us to and I understand why but at the same time part of me just wanted to see him bleed. 

Watch for a very young Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis in a brief scene. 

Rest In Peace Sidney Poitier. No Way Out was quite the heavy feature length film to debut in.

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