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  • The Naked Spur

    The Naked Spur


    This suspenseful western is like a noirish treasure-hunt thriller, set in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, with the treasure being the bounty on Robert Ryan's head. There's only five characters, thrust together on a perilous trek to Abilene. Here James Stewart plays his most anti- of western antiheroes. To be honest, I found him the least compelling of the quintet because I didn't think this was his most convincing performance. Ryan does a great job as the laughing villain and…

  • Assassin's Creed

    Assassin's Creed


    Has a video game movie ever taken itself so seriously? I don't play video games, but this may be the best video game movie I've ever seen. It's sort of like if Christopher Nolan directed The Matrix, with the added benefit of medieval battle sequences. The fight choreography was creative and riveting, and the special effects were superb. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are in full-on Macbeth mode here. No one told them they were making a sci-fi action film.…

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  • The Lost World

    The Lost World


    Beyond the basic premise of dinosaurs in South America, the plot of this adaptation bears little resemblance to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original novel, but it does manage to evoke the general atmosphere of the story. Claude Rains captures the blustery arrogance of Professor Challenger, Conan Doyle's sci-fi hero. Performances by the rest of the cast are pretty dismal, except for maybe Fernando Lamas as a creepy, guitar-wielding helicopter pilot.

    Instead of using claymation for the dinosaurs, the special effects…

  • Logan



    I remember seeing the trailer for Logan and thinking, God that looks awful! A road movie in which Wolverine plays father figure to a cute little girl, while their mutual mutanthood leads to a lot of fish-out-of-water humor. Who would want to see that? After hearing so many positive reviews, however, I finally decided to check it out. It turns out you can't judge a film by its sucky trailer, because this turned out to be a great action movie,…