Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

This was quite the twisty, violent and surprisingly dark action thriller that had way more moving parts than I thought it would. I knew some of the plot going in but wow this throws in some elements that I did not see coming.

There are a lot of actors here and while the dialogue isn't as punchy as other Ritchie movies everyone gets an opportunity to be cool. Nice to see Holt McCallany have a substantial role in something. Haven't seen Josh Hartnett in a while. Jeffrey Donovan has such a commanding presence. Laz Alonso is always awesome. I don't find Scott Eastwood all that likeable but I did like him as an unlikable character.

Super happy to have Statham and Ritchie working together again. This is much more of an action movie than their previous outings. It's not as cool as their best outing,Snatch, but it was way better than their worst outing, Revolver, and it was great to see this in theaters.

One of the last movies I saw in theaters in 2020 was a Guy Ritchie movie and one of the first movies I saw this year was a Guy Ritchie movie. Feels like things are slowly getting back to normal.

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