Satantango ★★

Nope, sorry. Obviously in the minority here, and I'm genuinely struggling as to why... Yes, the film is very artistically impressive (set design, sound design and cinematography are all ace) but where is the line drawn? Sorry, but when I've been watching a film that requires a lot of patience (not a criticism, but you can't deny that this film does indeed require a lot of patience) for ninety minutes, watching an overweight drunk man trundle around his room for twenty-odd minutes doesn't really scream profundity. And it's not even that I have a problem with films made up of long, slow-paced sequences; Tsai Ming-liang's Vive L'Amour is one of my favourite films.

Satantango is very impressive in the sense of its production and technical prowess but I can't really wrap my head around what about this film is supposed to allure me and keep me interested, because it failed to do that.

Maybe one day I'll visit this again and afterwards understand what all the fuss is about but for now, I'm lost.

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