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  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    2018 Ranked
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    Bad Times at the El Royale finds writer/director Drew Goddard working in familiar territory. After his successful deconstruction of horror movie tropes in Cabin in the Woods, he returns with a film that deconstructs the crime/mystery genre. Using a familiar set up – a group of strangers arriving at an odd hotel – he sets up multiple MacGuffins, plots, and subplots. All the while, the situation at the El Royale continues to devolve, with Goddard…

  • The Uninvited

    The Uninvited


    Complete with cold rooms, unexplainably drafty stairs, and doors that shut on their own, British director Lewis Allen‘s The Uninvited is a truly groundbreaking horror film. Until The Uninvited, the supernatural was largely written off in film, portrayed as either psychological delusion or as played for comedic effect. Lewis Allen changed this with The Uninvited, embracing the supernatural as something terrifyingly real. Portraying a séance in which someone is possessed by a spirit, ghostly voices in the night, and actual…

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  • The Getaway

    The Getaway


    25 Films x 8 Decades: 1970s

    The Getaway has a rather simple conceit. Sam Peckinpah spruces it up as he is known to do, but its central plot is rather straightforward. A man, Doc McCoy (Steve McQueen), is in prison. He refuses to play ball with an influential prison figure and help him with a few heists, so the guy influences the parole board to not let Doc go. Having a charge of heart, Doc sends his wife Carol (Ali…

  • Colette



    2018 Ranked
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    Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley) was a woman who refused to be held back. A brilliant writer who set Paris ablaze with her scandalous and salacious novels, Colette may have been forced to hand her work over to husband Willy (Dominic West), but she was hardly conventional. Not only did she fight to be her husband’s equal, but she fought for her own individuality. She was not content to just live in her husband’s shadow, instead…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    2016 Ranked
    Top 100 Films
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    Postmodernism is a film theory that suggests that there is nothing original anymore. If it could be made, it has been made and we are doomed to simply remake a once original idea in perpetuity. Postmodernism also includes ideas regarding nostalgia and hyperreality, positing that cities such as Los Angeles may physically be real, but are in fact, dream worlds that are not actually there. In Damien Chazelle's latest work and, dare…

  • Drive



    2011 Ranked

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned. When I saw Drive for the first time in 2013, I had just finished my first film class in high school and was set to graduate from high school in a few weeks. Now, a week and a half removed from finishing college a semester early, it was time to atone for the sins of my youth. Unacquainted with good films at the time aside from the ones I saw in…