100 Films by 18 Directors

A challenge I am doing for myself to reach 10 watched films for directors that I either like or feel like I should have seen more of their films a while ago. The actual films are pretty interchangeable, but the general directors are pretty much set. Only included directors where I have seen at least one of their films beforehand. Limited to just 100 because 100 is a nice number and it is the point where Letterboxd makes a second page and I don't want a second page so...

Howard Hawks - DONE
Otto Preminger - DONE
Douglas Sirk
John Huston - DONE
Akira Kurosawa
Billy Wilder - DONE
Roman Polanski
Sidney Lumet - DONE
Mike Nichols - DONE
William Friedkin
Peter Weir - DONE
Clint Eastwood - DONE
Paul Verhoeven
John Carpenter - DONE
David Lynch - DONE
Terry Gilliam - DONE
Oliver Stone - DONE
Danny Boyle - DONE