Rambo ★★★


RAMBO - Ranked
This was pretty rough until the mercenaries show up, which was a pleasant surprise that I’d forgotten about. 

The beginning with Rambo was fine. Seeing him live his life in Thailand, working and maintaining his peace was a pleasant opening compared to the others. I like that the story didn’t rush too much into the mayhem, but the supporting cast in Sarah (Julie Benz) and her husband, Michael, are insufferable. The overly dramatic lines about living your life and saving a life, and blah blah live, laugh, love gets old so fast. Rambo throat slamming Michael on the boat ride to Burma was something you were hankering for the moment he was introduced. 

After the first attack on the village, Stallone shows you this version isn’t about to fuck around when bringing the action. Limbs are blown off left and right, bodies are splattered like you’re playing a video game, and the sound is deafening. It’s metal as hell. 

Like mentioned, once the ragtag mercenaries are introduced, the film does a 180, embracing what we all want. Shit gets hardcore and the last 45 minutes is this nonstop, heart pounding, straight up relentless spectacle of carnage. Some may think it’s all a little cartoonish, but looking back at the series, it’s more or less an updated version, dialed up a few notches. 

The ending felt warranted, and at the time was a nice send off for the character. I’m interested to see how Last Blood handles everything.

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