Rocketman ★★★½

A solid biopic that intertwines the musical elements of Elton John’s best songs almost seamlessly throughout. I loved how it went full musical when doing his tracks, almost like La La Land in a sense, rather than Bohemian Rhapsody’s greatest hits montage style storytelling. It captivated Elton’s life and pulled your through his struggles and success rather than just selling you his music in film format. Some musicals numbers really floored me, tugging emotional strings all while being incredibly entertaining.  

I do wish they would’ve embraced the craziness and fantastical elements of the musical scenes more. Elton is a wild and weird dude, so why not dive as deep as possible in the art and visuals. The storytelling has some familiar tropes and cliches that come along with a biopic, so I would’ve loved to see more risk taken narrative wise. 

The film does spend a little too much time with the younger Elton, especially when we have such a brilliant performance from Taron Egerton. His vocals, costume getup, antics, and everything in between really showcase Elton in all of his glory. 

Rocketman is a fun filled concert from the start, and regardless if you’re a fan of Elton John’s music, there’s a good time to be had here.

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