Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½



Far From Home delivers on multiple fronts with its villain in Mysterio, with the building of Peter and MJ’s relationship, and handling post Endgame scenarios in a satisfying, comical, and meaningful way. 

Let’s start with the goods! MJ and Peter’s relationship is finally starting to blossom. While the awkwardness between the two makes for some comedic moments, it was time to move them along. Zendaya’s play on MJ is different and it’s nice to not have a damsel in distress.

Jake Gyllenhaal knocks it out of the park as one of Spider-Man’s most intricate villains. Him being this ultra obsessed perfectionist who’d go the lengths of killing teens and shooting Peter in the back of the head was captivating stuff. He gave shades of Nightcrawler Gyllenhaal more than once throughout. Mysterio as a whole could’ve been handled terribly, and while I don’t think he was stronger than Keaton’s Vulture, he made for some awesome sequences. 

The first major Mysterio illusion scene was extreme superhero material, in an outstanding way. It pushed the limits on what was real for the viewer, for Spidey, and continued to spiral in spookier and more psychedelic territory. The ending battle where Spider-Man finally gets to use his abilities was also so satisfying. I feel like with Civil War, Homecoming, and his Avengers appearances, we’ve only just seen flashes of what he can do and how he utilizes his suit. The web slinging around Manhattan in the final scenes was another a huge plus. It felt like the old Spider-Man movies; just solid web slinging action, which never gets old. 

I thought the first 45 minutes/hour were a complete drag. The pacing and tone was all over the place, where the humor felt forced and didn’t land more often than not. It really wasn’t until the Mysterio reveal, (which you had to know was eventually coming) kicked into effect that the film started to catch its stride. Touching base on the post Iron-Man Endgame material was fine, but I’ll be glad when it’s all finally over. Holland’s Spider-Man has always felt second fiddle to everyone else, so hopefully his next film will be ALL Spidey at peak levels of his superhero status. 

Lastly, hats off to some of the reveals. Mid-credits scene was fun strictly because JK Simmons is awesome in whatever he does, so seeing more of him will be dope. Nick Fury and Maria Hill were so annoying throughout for how dumbed down their characters were, so when they pulled that quick one at the end showing it was Skrull, I was like, “ahhhh you fuckers got me good!” Should make the second watch even more fun to spot some of their slip ups. 

Lastly, lastly - 
EDITH - Even Dead, I’m the Hero 😂😂

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