Carol ★★★★★

I can't wait to see Carol again. I didn't have adequate time to let it soak in after the festival screening because i had to rush 3 miles away in 15 minutes for my next film. But it was still a rich cinematic feast. Beautiful period production and phenomenal performances.

Cate Blanchett (Carol) and Rooney Mara (Therese) each have a difficult task. They both have to reveal their characters' attraction to each other and convey it to the audience, but at the same time they have to keep from revealing it to the other characters around them. They manage to convey this tentativeness in different ways, as befits their characters. Therese is confused and excited by her attraction, and Mara manages to hint at the eager anticipation behind the mask she displays. Meanwhile Carol knows the potential costs of this relationship, and Blanchett makes her as cagey as she is seductive.

Watching these two characters find their way towards each other was truly one of the highlights of the year for me; I can't wait to settle in and give it more attention than I was able to this time.

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