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  • Mind Game

    Mind Game


    Very creative visually but also sometimes comes across as some sort of power/sexual fantasy. Like the boyfriend character, an obstacle to the protagonist, just gets left behind and never gets brought up again. Maybe it's meant to be this way as an exploration of the character's psyche but still.

  • The Creeping Garden

    The Creeping Garden


    I didn't know slime mold could be shot in such a beautiful way, and that so much could be said about it.

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  • The Exterminating Angel

    The Exterminating Angel


    I'm sorry but honestly this was very boring to me. Outside of the premise itself and some of the more surreal moments there wasn't much that kept me engaged on any level. I'm not sure why though because this is an acclaimed film from an acclaimed director and I'm clearly in the minority.

    I think to me it boils down to the film not doing enough with its premise. It posits that human beings tend to revert to a more…

  • Annihilation



    What a disappointment. I love Garland's directorial debut, Ex Machina, and I've enjoyed this recent wave of middlebrow sci-fi quite a lot but this just didn't work for me. I feel that the movie is kinda slow but not really in an intellectual sort of way, rather just plodding. Like the framing device and repeated flashbacks add a lot of bloat with little purpose. The characters aren't deeply interesting, and the dialogue between them is rather bland.

    I didn't expect…