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  • Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss


    Memorable Cage performance as well as some pretty funny moments. The insanity really ramps up in the final half-hour or so but for the most part I found it kinda boring.

  • Zama



    A lot to like in this—the dreamlike-ish, lethargic atmosphere, the bold framing decisions and use of sound (that Shepard tone evoking some sort of endless fall trapping the character for eternity)—but it also gets kinda monotonous, at least until the jump to the final act which shakes things up a bit. Though to be fair the film is about helplessly waiting and rotting away in a barren colony.

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  • Operation Ogre

    Operation Ogre


    Gillo Pontecorvo was a brilliant director who unfortunately didn't make enough movies about fascists getting blown the fuck up.

  • The Exterminating Angel

    The Exterminating Angel


    I'm sorry but honestly this was very boring to me. Outside of the premise itself and some of the more surreal moments there wasn't much that kept me engaged on any level. I'm not sure why though because this is an acclaimed film from an acclaimed director and I'm clearly in the minority.

    I think to me it boils down to the film not doing enough with its premise. It posits that human beings tend to revert to a more…