Daughter of a Lost Bird

Daughter of a Lost Bird ★★★

A native peoples resource group at my work alerted me to this free viewing opportunity with Indspire over the weekend.

This was an appealing documentary on a personal level. My father was adopted, and one of his blood sisters always claimed we had some Blackfoot heritage. The Ancestry kit my father took points more toward Indigenous Mexican heritage, though we were both raised “white”. I could relate to some of the story for that reason, though I don’t have an easy way to trace familial ties, nor long lost relatives to welcome me home to my forgotten culture. I do think that keeping an open mind and learning about other cultures and experiences can help build more empathy for all family situations and nuances we experience as humans on this earth. This documentary was helpful in that way, though fairly inconclusive and somewhat lacking a unifying takeaway message. But life isn’t always so cut and dry either.

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