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  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    Sing Street rock 'n' rolls the coming of age movie. It does all the things one never dared to do and more without ever losing touch.

    It might be improbable in its unyielding force and craziness but it stays authentic and surprisingly grounded. The central themes work: the humour, the romance, the bully, the relationship between the two brothers and of course the music. The music is absolutely fantastic.

    After the great Once, John Carney has created another remarkable film that despite being completely different, manages to embrace the style and even keep up with (and at times overtake) the musical quality of Once.

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  • All Is One. Except 0

    All Is One. Except 0


    We want digitalisation. We like the internet, computers and phones. We are quick to demand services online. But we do not understand the complexity of safety and the dangers of misuse. At least I do not.

    40 years ago, in the infancy of said technologies the CCC was founded - a group of leftist hackers who were devoted to the principles that public information must be free and private information protected. They try to find security issues and loopholes to…

  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    There is something romantic about the underlying concept of Captain Fantastic - to see a family living in the wilderness, in touch with nature and superior to everyone in pretty much every aspect. They are more intelligent and more capable. They only lack the ability to evade the pitfalls of social interaction.

    Captain Fantastic could now go the way of the comedy and see them clash with the modern world but it does not. Instead it tries to find a…

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  • Avatar



    I find myself liking this movie a little bit less every time I watch it. The initial hype had me thinking that this was truly great but given a certain distance flaws become apparent.

    The main problem is that the story and character development is entirely communicated via voice-over. Be it security briefings, business meetings or a video log - Avatar never manages to get something across without spelling it out. And even when it does it does not automatically…

  • Tess



    Tess plays a lot like classic literary adaptations like Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice or Howard's End in the way that it follows Tess through love, jealousy and tragedy in front of the usual challenges of class. But it doesn't have the same force.

    The movie focuses strongly on Tess, who's well portrayed by Natassja Kinski but overall a rather dull character with few lines. Even though many things happen to her, the movie felt slow at a runtime of…