Tenet ★★★

If you’re the type of person going into this who’s not going to really think about the concept and story too much and are just gonna go along to see cool Chris Nolan concept film shit then you’re gonna like it.

But I’m a pretentious motherfucker who likes to understand things, and thus I was disappointed. Cause while a half hour of the film is blatant exposition, there’s mostly some sound effect or music trying to distract from what’s being said, so you can only make out some of what characters are saying. Therefore, it always feels like the movie itself is stopping me from trying to understand its concepts and it’s really god damn frustrating because of it.

And I’d get over that if the characters were any bit developed and the story wasn’t just a way to string set pieces together. But no, that’s all that’s there.

I mean, John David Washington is only referred to as “The Protagonist” throughout the film, and that’s one of the few things that made me smile throughout. I’m still not sure if I was supposed to.

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