Vice ★★

McKay doesn't seem to be sure whether he sees Dick Cheney as a Machiavellian genius or an empty-headed star fucker with a hard-on for power who developed his entire political identity on the spot after listening to the truly loathsome Donald Rumsfeld talk for five minutes; he obscures his position even further by granting his subject a truly bizarre appeal to the camera at film's end that I think was intended to be an accusation to the audience for its culpability in Cheney's rise to power, but really comes across more as an impassioned justification for the atrocities he committed "because 9/11." I would appreciate that ambiguity in most films, but in a political polemic like Vice, it's just confusing. That said, any movie made about the fraudulent hucksters in the Bush-Cheney administration is likely to rile me up, even one as artlessly made as this one.

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