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This review may contain spoilers.

Everyone seems to be freaking out about Spike Jonze's latest, Her, and while I recognize that there are great things here, I don't really think they amount to a truly great movie. Maybe mopey Joaquin Phoenix with a mustache is just not my cup of tea. The premise is this side of Wes Anderson on the twee scale and that might be why I never really warmed up to the film. Amy Adams gives a really grounded performance here as Theodore Twombly's (natch!) best friend, a performance so diametrically opposed from her American Hustle extravagance that it really makes me appreciate her skills.

I either misread the tone Jonze was going for in the closing minutes or was exhausted by the relationship drama at the 2 hour mark, but I totally thought Theodore and Amy were going to jump off the building roof after the OS's leave. I don't blame Theodore, I would jump off a building too if I had to wear those high wasted pants on a daily basis.

All kidding aside, I'm probably being too harsh on this and hope to revisit it later once the high praises from most critics have faded from memory. Seeing it removed from the context of the hype might reveal what's so great about it.

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