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  • EuroTrip



    Now this is some dumb shit, but damn did I love it.

    It's full of stereotypes - Americans, Germans, British, Dutch - anyone you can think of.

    But just remember, SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW

  • Summer Storm

    Summer Storm


    I think this was definitely not the best movie, but the Storm was relatable. I feel like it was a good symbol. Questioning your sexuality can really shake up your world and it can be scary and you might not know what to do. People who aren't in it can feel scared for you, bad for you, or just not understand what the hell is going on.

    BUT the biggest thing is that it will pass. Storms may come again, but there is peace to be had.

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  • Summertime



    I'm pretty sure every character was gay at the beginning and idk what happened after that

  • The Edukators

    The Edukators


    Some anti-capitalist badasses (who are also a little dumb) in a love triangle.

    Literally life goals.

    If you're a capitalist you might not like this film, but if you're a capitalist why are you following me?