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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Cutthroat, gritty, humorous and intense. A black comedy/western that doesn't sugarcoat any of it's references and goes in for the kill, literally.
    One of my favorite things about the film is that it's soundtrack is so diverse. It goes from a 70's themed song to gangster rap, which I thought gave the film more substance and keeps the viewer on their toes for what will happen next.
    "Django" does what many films try and fail at; having a mixture of…

  • Looper



    "This town ain't be enough for the both of us. Even though you're me and I'm you. I still have to kill you. Even though that means you're my future."
    An interesting concept and makes a interesting statement about cause and effect.
    I enjoyed the film mostly because it has so many elements of a western. The other is Joseph- Grodon-Levitt. He's great at any type of role dealing with extreme, off-the-wall story lines. So you can almost say he…

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  • The English Patient

    The English Patient


    A masterpiece from start to finish. It's almost like you are watching two films in one because of the long stretchs of flashbacks by the Count. Love is always an interesting theme to have within a film, but can easily be messed up if you don't give enough or go overboard and make it unbelieveable.
    This historical backdrop makes it possible to love this film even more. I believe when set in a time such as the 1940's you are…

  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages


    I have found my love for 80's music once again! Don't stop believing in a film that has Tom Cruise play Stacee Jax that would resemble how he is in real life. He actually plays his character very well and has a great performance. The rest of the cast really does pull this film together and I loved the break-out proformance of Diego Boneta. If I don't start seeing him in more films soon I'll be really upset. Along with…