Creed ★★★★★

Here it is.....
Yeah I get it! It was here ages ago, its just I only just saw it.
About motherfucking time!
Creed just like the rest of the Rocky franchise is incredible, in fact its a masterpiece! Creed is so well written, so well acted, so well directed and subtle. This movie doesn't try to be better than its predecessors, nor does it try to better than what people wanted from it, it just stays exactly as it should and that's perfect. This movie quickly gets into things, it doesn't hold back the fight scenes or the introduction to Rocky once again. The music is even great and compares well to the classic music, unbelievable! Stallone was perfect and as for Michael B Jordan, I forgive you for fant4stic. Also something that Chris Stuckmann (a great YouTube critic) said about this that I think is on point is that the original Rocky movie and Rocky Balboa were great films, everything in between was still a lot of fun but cheesy and predictable (still love them though to bits!) As for Creed, its a great film and brings back that old Rocky feel, bring on the sequel. If its as good as this then GREAT!

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