The Bourne Supremacy ★★★

Ok! So this time they overused the the whole shaky cam thing a bit too much (unlike its predecessor) so if we can just slow that down a little then everyone will be happy thanks.
Bourne Supremacy in my opinion only improves upon Bourne identity bringing in new great actors and characters, action that never stops, an awesome Matt Damon!!!! And a kinda fresh story, its intense, fast paced, fun and well acted, my only problem with the Bourne identity is the fact that I feel like some scenes were a bit too dragged out unlike this one where really they speed up the pace a lot quicker but that kinda leads me to my other issue. As good as the fast pace made this movie (fun and entertaining) its rushed a little at times for example the opening felt very rushed to me, that's the only thing that the Bourne supremacy improved too much on! By instead of dragging out scenes, they are rushed so maybe if we keep the pace to a minimum like Bourne ultimatum did, then this would have been perfect. So overall despite pacing and shaky cam bourne supremacy is a thumbs up!

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