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This review may contain spoilers.

"When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die".
Everyone loved the dark Knight and then came dark Knight rises and to my surprise had a lot of lovers and haters! I don't see how anyway can hate this movie but I do see why people have problem with the ending but for me the ending was great it made perfect sense to me, I don't care how Batman survived that bomb at the end but if its done in a cool way and excited me then the endings done its job and well the movie left me satisfied, we have Christian Bale back doing what he does best, Anne Hathaway plays a great sexy, seductive, fit, tight in leather Catwoman just like Michelle Pfeiffer did, Gary Oldman's awesome, Joseph Gordon Levitt does a good job and Tom Hardy obviously owns the bane that we got back in batman and robin, so overall I don't want to go in to the problems I had with this movie I just wanted to discuss what was good I do think its far from perfect but is still very well filmed with terrific action sequence's.

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