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  • The Flintstones

    The Flintstones


    "Thanks to concrete, man can now shape his own destiny"

    Truly a riveting tale, showing how the devilish vices of capitalism can corrupt even the purest of men, and lead him to commit horrible acts such as embezzlement and literally not loving thy neighbour.

    It also shows the kids that capitalists, as well as those who associate with capitalists, deserves to be hanged. Truly a moral message I can get behind. This should be mandatory viewing in schools.

  • Redline



    This is the Star Wars podrace on steroids. It's absolutely amazing!

    I don't even know where to start with this god damn masterpiece. It features the most amazing visuals I have ever seen in an animated movie, ever. The hard work of drawing over 100 000 hand made drawing (fucking insane), paid off in such an incredible way. I cannot even put into words how incredible this movie looks.

    But it's not only the visuals that are great here. The…

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  • Biutiful



    im pretty sure this is a really great movie but i was just on the wrong wavelength to really appreciate that today, will def rewatch when in the right mindset for a more accurate score

  • Bait



    Waste of my damn time.

    It's a real interesting story at it's core but it's wrapped up in this weird grainy detached French new wave pretentious style that I did NOT enjoy one bit of. This would've been a great movie if the story was presented conventionally.

    Can't wait for Brexit so these fuckin Brits and their island sails off into the ocean and doesn't bother us anymore

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  • Roma



    Long shots make me cream

    Roma was my dream

    You can all tell Supreme

    To quit his Burning meme

    I'm no longer on his team

    Because of Roma's high esteem

    The movie with it's strong gleam

    And rich and vibrant theme

    It might seem quite extreme

    But I want to inject it in my bloodstream

    If I can't, then shoot me with a laser beam

  • Joker



    It's fun, but it will leave no lasting impact. It is like a worse version of taxi driver with some mild (mild) parts of king of comedy in it, but for what it is, its a good time.

    I like the deviation from the norm in the superhero genre, if you can even remotely classify this movie as a superhero movie, so just for that I'm glad it exists. A bit too over the top at times, but even when…