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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    First panel: le me going to see tenet for some epic nolan le mindfuck cinema. [le derp face picture]

    Second panel: wait this wasnt really a le mindfuck what the hell nolan?? [confused le derp face picture. nolan troll face picture]

    Third panel: charlie kaufman out of nowhere making true le mindfuck cinema like a boss
    [fuck yeah guy charlie kaufman picture, nolan fffuuuu picture]

    Fourth panel: [obama not bad picture, leo raising glass picture, true story picture, nolan forever alone picture]

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

  • Cars




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  • Run Hide Fight

    Run Hide Fight

    pogchamps in the twitch chat for school shooter joker

  • Frog



    "Mom matchsticks wont stop you from crying, it has no basis in science"

    This has to be a money laundrering project. This was written by the same writer and it stars Elliot Gould and Shelley Duval.

    what the fuck?!?!?!?!

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  • TFW No GF

    TFW No GF


    Wojak and Pepe, the duality of man

  • Tenet



    Can't believe someone actually wrote this dumb ass plot with a straight face but in theatres with big ass surround sound it's pretty fun.

    Services range from pretty cool to really stupid.
    JD Washington and RPat are fun as hell.

    Prob loses a lot of the fun factor if u don't see it in theatres so go do that I suppose