2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★½

First rewatch in 7 or so years, and I'm still not over the moon regarding this one. I'm pretty torn about it.

The visuals are among the best I have ever seen, for sure. I still don't get how they do most of the shots, and the movie really looks timeless. But it revels in the visuals so incredibly much, and almost every scene is too long for my taste. I stand by that this movie could be shortened by about 30 minutes, and be better for it. My friend, who hates this, calls it a technical jerkfest, and I absolutely see his point.

The music is also incredible and iconic, and really helps elevate a lot of the scenes, especially the moon monolith scene, which is like the best in the entire movie. I also love all segments with HAL.

I'm still not crazy about the final 30 or so minutes, and I think the monkey scenes in the beginning, which I like, would be much better if they are shortened.

All in all, I don't hate anything in this movie, and I like/love a lot of parts about it, but I still can't justify giving this more than a 7.

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