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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    Conventional wisdom had me watching THE ROOM before I watched this, but now that I have seen it, I wish I would have waited. If I had, I could have (possibly) appreciated THE ROOM for how gloriously bad it is instead of just being upset that something that is such a waste actually exists.

    The irony of making a movie about "the worst movie ever made" now getting Oscar buzz is not lost on me.

  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    I think it speaks to how much I get enamored with Aaron Sorkin's writing that I am able to look past the many small quibbles I have with this film to think of it fondly as something that kept me thoroughly engaged and wonderfully entertained.

    It's not perfect, but it's definitely Sorkin.

    Oh yeah... <3 Idris Elba

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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    Yeah, it's not a great movie if you stop and think about it, but considering some of the negative critical consensus, I didn't expect to be as thoroughly entertained as I was for the entire duration of this film. Jupiter Ascending isn't an example of some of the conceptually deep sci-fi we have loved over the past few years, but it is a lot of the low-explanation sci-fi fun that genre fans can enjoy.

  • Sicario



    A gripping ride coupled with some unforgettable cinematography. I just wish the tension built in this film would survive a re-watch, but I suspect knowing what we know now kills the journey. We could only unravel Kate Mercer's journey one time to full effectiveness.