The Game ★½

2019 Cult Movie Challenge
#8 Bill Rebane

I had never heard of Bill Rebane before and after reading up about him he is a fascinating guy. Born in the Baltic USSR, learned 4 languages, went to US in age 15, became a millionaire by 22. Run for Governor of Wisconsin and made a bunch of movies.

Well The Game is all kinds of bad. Mostly the bad bad outweigh the good bad. Three millionaires gather some people, put them in a mansion and whoever "survives" get a million dollars. Now either the plan was a prank and the house was booby trapped in what reminds a low quality escape room, or it was actually meant to be a murder house but because of the lack of budget we got the previous effect. The poster is very representative of the acting, the lighting was even worse. I never really managed to fully grasp what the hell was going on, everything was all over the place, and the 3 Stooges like music that was blasted on quite regularly didn't help in anything except laughing a few times.

Funny moments reel: The millionaires go to a disco to scout their potential victims. Probably choose them based on their dancing (yes there is a dance montage). During a chase between a man holding a pistol and a man holding a shotgun, the fist takes a turn and has his back turned on the chaser since he is running away. The other guy instead of shooting, takes cover but the forgot that this wasn't the cue but he is too far commited to it so we have a guy taking cover from a guy running away from him. People getting freaked out and chased by smoke.

I know many people here on letterboxd that would dig a flick like that so here's to them. The rest should probably stay away.

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