Zodiac ★★★★½

I really like David Fincher, man. All of his serial killer, crime-thriller stuff is great. I loved this, Se7en, I really like Mindhunter and I’m excited to watch Gone Girl at some point. Gyllenhaal and RDJ were great in this movie, I loved the way Fincher portrayed the 60s/70s and how he incorporated so many real things from the Zodiac case like actual phone calls for example. And while pinning it on Arthur Leigh Allen wasn’t entirely accurate because the case is still open and no one has officially been sentenced for the killings, it gives the story more structure and a satisfying end, so I was ok with it. And the story of the Zodiac Killer is just so interesting, I’m not deep into like serial killer type stuff, but some of them are really interesting to me and the Zodiac is one of them. How intelligent he was, how he manipulated the press, had everyone terrified for years and how he’s eluded capture to this day. Great movie.

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