Prometheus ★★★½

With much anticipation in the theater, I already found myself asking some questions after the opening scene. Keep in mind, this movie really needs you to focus on it or you will miss something that seems not as important but really might be. With that said, I enjoyed the movie. It definitely is mysterious. The characters of Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green are there to find answers to their "questions." Will our questions be the same as theirs? For some, most likely. I know after reading other non-spoiler reviews before my viewing, I went in with a big question...Is this a prequel to the Alien films? My honest some ways I do think so, but it is more of a tie-in.

As the movie ran its pace, it kept me at the edge of my seat, excited to find out what will happen next. As more discoveries are found, more were needed to be found, more of the character's "questions" were asked. Michael Fassbender's David was creepy, yet utterly intriguing and inscrutable. Besides Noomi's peformance as Dr. Shaw, Idris Elba's performance as Captain Janek was my favorite. The least favorite was probably Charlize Theron's Vickers. I know some might like her, but I tried. Her acting wasn't bad, I just couldn't feel Vicker's involvement throughout, except for the last quarter of the movie. The rest of the cast/crewmembers were good and even more so involved than Vickers.

To see it in IMAX 3D or not? In the words of my best bud, she would say..."Do It!!" Why? This movie was made for 3D. It was shot using 3D cameras. The few extra dollars are so worth it... just buy a smaller size soda to offset the don't want the need to use the restroom anyway. The 3D aspects are well done. You'll enjoy the details that are made to be seen, for example the planet's appearance and landscaping. It WILL enhance your viewing experience and not distract you. Can you see it without? I think it could...but again, I personally recommend it be seen in IMAX 3D if possible. Bottom line, you ask your own questions, gather the facts with the characters and form your own opinions of this movie and that's half the enjoyment of wondering what is going on. See it already! That's an answer to a question everyone asks. More than once? I would see it again just because I might have missed something.

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