Top Gun ★★★★

The first time I saw this film, it was right before I graduated junior high going into highschool. This film actually made me decide to try for a career in Naval aviation as I joined ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) and studied Naval Science. This movie had the adventure, the jets, dogfights and drama. Did I mention the soundtrack, which is popular in many ways? It included Kenny Loggin's "Danger Zone", Berlin's "Take My Breath Away", The Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and my favorite, Cheap Trick's "Mighty Wings." It really helped pump up the scenes.

Top Gun also launched a few of some well known Hollywood stars' early careers. Everyone had a favorite character. While most people I knew were pro for Tom Cruise's Maverick, I was more partial to Val Kilmer's Iceman. It was silly because while joining ROTC, we were given nicknames as well and by senior year when I became CO of my unit, I became the "Iceman." The movie is most memorable because of the characters' camaraderie. It might not have been there all at first, but eventually by the end of the movie, it evolves, as everyone in there to trust each other in situations that decides the key to survival. Throughout the movie we get involved in Maverick's life struggles and how he deals with his personal wrecklessness, selfishness, guilt and dangers that come with being a Naval fighter pilot.

Incredible enough, this movie increased the recruitment for Navy and Air Force. This movie will hold something special for me as with it came reference to memories of my time in highschool. I would rate it higher, but there are actions here that would not happen in the military or have been tolerated as much...Only in Hollywood.