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  • Mid90s



    Really good film and sharp editing, excited to see whatever comes next from Jonah, hopefully there is a next.

    I’m glad the film didn’t hold back, I know it’s not as well received by most people that I follow here but I think the film instantly gets better if you know kids like these and I knew someone like every single person in the main friend group in this film. 

    One thing did creep me out enough to take me…

  • Aquaman



    Been waiting on an Aquaman movie since I was little, was always in my top 3 superheros and he was such a joke to everyone but now you see he’s a bonafide star.

    The prettiest DC movie of them all without a doubt, I don’t think there’s a single argument to be made there.
    I thought it was a bit long but at the same time there’s not really anything that you can or should cut out, plus I think…

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  • Halloween



    I usually hate to give out 10’s after a single viewing of a film or a high score for that matter, just because you always usually enjoy something a lot when you’ve been excited for it a while, I always want to wait to see if it was just my excitement or if it actually was good but I was seriously considering a fucking 10 after leaving the theater. 

    This was amazing, the pacing, the score, acting, cinematography. This was…

  • Upgrade



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I’m not sure if the “twist” was predictable or if i’m just good at predicting them nowadays cause it seems like most films with one I can predict rather quickly, well partially, I knew Eron was going to be part of the reveal, I just didn’t know that was being controlled just as much. It was a pretty good gut punch of an ending, at least Grey got to pretend live in a better place. 50/50 I guess.

    The fight…