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  • Craving



    Coco’s moeder is autistisch; althans, dat staat in de recensies die ik – na het kijken van de film – heb gelezen. Ik had het eerlijk gezegd niet door terwijl ik de film aan het kijken was. Als ze me hadden verteld dat haar gedrag het gevolg was van haar naderende dood, of van haar dysfunctionele huwelijk, of van de trauma’s die ze opliep tijdens haar kortstondige carrière als Oezbeekse huurmoordenares, had ik het eigenlijk ook wel geloofd. In Gerritsens…

  • Hanna



    The whole ‘experimental super soldier escapes and turns against its creators’ Jason Bourne/La Femme Nikita thing has already been done to death. Hanna tries to be a little more original by adding some fairy tale and coming-of-age themes, but in the process only turns itself into a schizophrenic mishmash of genres. Characters lack any sort of logical motivation and turn from stone cold killers into clowns with the motor skills of a five year old in a matter of seconds.…

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  • Hannah



    ‘Charlotte Rampling is sad’ is unfortunately not a concept strong enough to justify a 95 minute feature film. Not even if said film includes cute dogs and orange painted children. Rampling is great as a woman trying to find out what she has got to live for, but it becomes hard to care when the movie never really tries to explain why she is so sad. Hannah would probably work much better as a 20 minute short film. Or even…

  • Howards End

    Howards End


    The film industry is an unforgiving animal. Oftentimes, aspiring directors decide to become novelists simply because they have no alternative. Without a lot of talent, luck and a Gatsby’an amount of shady connections, it is practically impossible to participate in this cocaine-fuelled world. Writing books may not be as exciting as directing a movie, but it is a far more open, and more importantly, cheap profession – costing about as much as the price of a cheap laptop and a…