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  • Weekend



    I find it hard to explain why I love Weekend so much. In many ways it is not that special of a film, and I understand why most people don’t share my hyperbolic adoration. The performances are undeniably fantastic of course. Tom Cullen and Chris New are absolutely perfect in the leading roles. But apart from that Weekend doesn’t seem to stand out very much. The script is very dialogue driven, with no dramatic twists or theatrical emotions, and the…

  • That Most Important Thing: Love

    That Most Important Thing: Love


    Romy Schneider’s performance and character were both fantastic… so why does 75% of the film focus on the bland, male photographer? Fabio Testi is alright in the part, but he doesn’t have much to work with. There is an occasional scene where we get to see a little of his darker side, but these are too few and far between to make much of an impression. And because of this, the ending happens completely out of the blue. The cinematography and Klaus Kinski’s presence make the film watchable enough, but it could have been so much more with more Romy.

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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    We crave mystery because there’s not enough.
    -Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake is one of those films where the director decided to throw everything against the wall to see what would stick… only to watch in awe as somehow everything stayed glued to the wall. I see a lot of people calling this film overambitious and messy. Yes, it is ambitious – very, very ambitious. Mitchell has obviously put every crazy, LSD-induced idea that went through his…

  • In the Fade

    In the Fade


    Her victory at Cannes probably told you as much, but Diane Kruger truly is tremendous. Her performance of a mother grieving the death of her husband and son – killed in an bombing by right wing terrorists – is heartbreaking; carefully balancing between her will to just end it all and be with her family again, and her longing to avenge them – if not in court then in the open field.

    Unfortunately, everything around her isn’t as consistently great.…