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  • The Party

    The Party


    This should be great: put seven middle-class white people, played by seven of the greatest actors cinema has to offer, together in a living room and watch how they try to murder each other within seventy minutes. The film has it all: a fun concept, a fantastic cast and a highly regarded director. And yet, everything about The Party feels so ingenuine.

    The direction is solid, although that says probably more about the competence of the actors and Aleksei Rodionov’s…

  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    John Paul Getty is, without a doubt, world’s largest asshole, and from the beginning All the money in the world makes it clear that the character will not get any form of character development; doomed to be world’s largest asshole for all of eternity. He is literally the richest man in the world, yet would only pay his grandson’s ransom if it was somehow tax deductible. And yet, despite his gargantuan assholeness, Getty is never entirely dehumanised, partly because of…

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  • Billy



    Je zou Billy kunnen interpreteren als een soort (onintentioneel) meta-commentaar op zichzelf. Het verhaal, over een buikspreker die zijn hele publiek verliest wanneer hij besluit zijn pop weg te doen, lijkt perfect gereflecteerd te worden in de structuur van de film.

    De eerste akte, wanneer de buikspreker zijn pop nog heeft en geliefd wordt door zijn fans, is vermakelijk genoeg. Het aantal poep- en plasgrappen is wat aan de hoge kant (aan de andere kant, wie wil Paul de Leeuw…

  • Last Flag Flying

    Last Flag Flying


    Richard Linklater has always been a director who alternates between his ambitious passion projects and the more conventional studio stuff. While Last Flag Flying stands far from the greatness of last year’s Everybody wants some!!, I can really appreciate how much effort Linklater puts in his less canonic stuff. This would’ve been a extremely generic tragi-comedy if it had been directed by a lesser director, but Linklater gives the characters so much warmth that it becomes impossible to hate the…