Mirror ★★★★

My fourth 4/5 star in a row; I should become a little less predictable in my ratings.
Anyway, the cinematography is truly mesmerising, as is to be expected with Tarkovsky. That shot of the burning barn might be the greatest thing ever put on celluloid. If it wasn’t for a certain shot with a painfully obvious shadow of a boom mike near the beginning, the camera work would’ve been perfect (I would like to apologize for my ignorant comment if that was intentional).

The script, or lack of it, is probably the weakest aspect. I don’t necessarily need a full-fledged plot, but some sort of a resemblance of a structure wouldn’t have hurt. At times it is a little too inconsequential, as if Tarkovsky just edited some meaningless shots after each other, and added some random archive footage and poetic voice over to create some pretence of a structure.

My least favorite Tarkovsky of the three that I’ve seen, but still very strong. Zerkalo has enough pretty images to make me forget the non-existent script and obvious boom mikes.

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