Parasite ★★★★

Whoa, I didn’t see that coming. The hype was real! Was it warranted? Absolutely, but with some caveats! This film Is deep, surprisingly comedic, and a total shocker. I’m new to Bong Joon-Ho and Korean cinema at that, but I see the appeal. The direction is slick and the script is universal. The commentary on classism is bold and the performances even bolder. The 1st & 2nd acts are incredible and these families are a big contrast from one another and while this tale unfolds themes become more stated, but some actions deviate too abruptly and unfortunately took me out of the last 20 or so minutes. I content, I believe I’m in the minority with that take. This is a spectacularly composed film with intriguing characters, an eerie score and should be on everyone’s watchlist.