Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★★★

Probably Gilliam's most mainstream movie but still manages to maintain his unique tone and feel; it's like a blending of Brazil with something more straightforward science fiction. Even the "sci-fi/fantasy" look of Brazil is created with the lighting and cinematography, it has a similar dayglo thing going on.

I feel like this has been forgotten in recent years. It was a staple of my teenage years and I'm glad to see how well it held up. Bruce Willis gives a legit great performance, actually bringing a real vulnerability and pathos to his character. And Pitt steals the scenes he's in, giving a really interesting, idiosyncratic potential villain.

Out of all of the "pandemic" movies that people have been revisiting lately, this one, as far as how the virus is unleashed on the world, feels eerily plausible. David Morse's brief role really gets under my skin for some reason.

Hey, If you're watching these types of flicks right now, give this one a spin. It holds up really well!

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