Suspiria ★★★½

Made as a love letter to Argento's flawed Technicolor fairytale, Suspiria '18 is an ambitious project that oscillates in all directions. Ambition alone cannot help you when you start to crumble under your enormous scope and lenght, that dedicated massive quantities of time to a political subtext concerning Nazism, Holocaust, the events of German Autumn, Cold war divide and national guilt that don't lead anywhere, and it's connections to the coven are a far reach, even I've seen dedicated people piecing it together. On the other hand, fueled by great performances, dance choreography that is both transfixing and horrifying and outbursts of body horror and bloody rituals we have scenes that are certified to be planted into your memory and be some of the best this decade has to offer. Suspiria is an uneven film with some parts being so morbidly captivating and others being insultingly boring or mismatched, but still a interesting reminder of what a dedicated reimagining can do.

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