Hereditary ★★★★½

genuinely frightening in its extreme visceral depiction of trauma, grief, loss, and the titular inheritance of a familial bloodline, and all that it can bear. Hereditary is exceptionally disconcerting, utilizing astonishing lighting and camerawork to evoke an authentic sense of horror from the plot itself, tense and intrinsically terrifying as a result of the unfolding’s adherence to what inevitably becomes a hopeless tragedy. ambition drives the film beyond the expected plane of the genre even when combining various elements that may otherwise lose its grip had anyone else but Aster attempted such bold and brazen filmmaking—the keen focus on producing unfeigned terror without succumbing to superficial/external scares for the sake of a rise it what allows Hereditary to deep-seat the distinctly eerie atmosphere and comfortably align with its convictions and development effortlessly. an immeasurable degree of investment exists within the characters and the acting behind them, successfully summoning a gut-wrenching sensation of depression and dread that simultaneously paints vile imagery to make certain that both visual and internal responses leave a lasting impression—and they do. a total amalgamation of sinister and impending doom develop some of the most effective slow-burns horror has seen, and though its climax (fruitful and petrifying as it undeniably may be) side-steps to bygone influence for the sake of a grand finale, it all ultimately sorted, and the monumental weight that the film carries is indisputable.

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