Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★★

In Tony Scott's tense political thriller Enemy of the State, Will Smith is a lawyer who becomes the target of corrupt NSA agents after unwittingly coming into evidence that connects them to the assassination of a Congressman. Smith is perfectly cast, and typical for Jerry Bruckheimer productions of the era, the film is loaded with big names of the era as well as those who went on to achieve stardom. Just as in real life, Jon Voight makes for an excellent villain. Gene Hackman is great fun as Smith's tech savvy ally. Bruckheimer was on a crazy hot streak in the late-90s, producing most of Hollywood's finest action cinema during the era. The marital drama of Smith's character doesn't add much, but otherwise, Enemy of the State is intelligent, brilliantly directed by Scott and, in light of what is now common knowledge about the extent of NSA surveillance, more prescient than anyone in 1998 could have known.

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