Princess ★★

Nothing about Princess, Tali Shalom-Ezer's hollow, faux-provocative exploration of child sexual abuse, is impressive enough to justify how repugnant its unnecessarily explicit simulated pedophilia is. One could note that the finale of Catherine Breillat's Fat Girl is at least as graphic, yet however problematic the scene may be, that film is a visionary work of art offering a chilling reminder that the worst things can happen to us at any time. Even aside from its iffy content, Princess is dull, mediocre, and ruined by a narrative device that doesn't work whatsoever. Its moments of sexual assault towards a minor are lurid and have nothing to say beyond "hey, isn't this fucked up?" A grown man actually laying on top of an underage girl and humping her would be extremely difficult to justify even in an artistically worthwhile film. Princess is far from worthwhile. It stinks.

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