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  • Crimes of the Future
  • The Brood
  • Videodrome
  • The Fly

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  • The Bob's Burgers Movie


  • The Compleat Al


  • The Aerial

  • The Ugly


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  • Men



    Let me first say that I’m happy A24 not only got behind yet another elevated horror film but one this surreal. And I was glad to support its theatrical run. As for the movie itself, it’s both hit and miss. There are some moments of genuine unease and horror, Buckley and Kinnear are great leads, and the score is really effective throughout. 


    It’s clear Alex Garland has a lot to say about the masculine sex—in all its longing for…

  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    Maestro Dario Argento is back, and while he may have not made a new classic here, he delivers a solid straightforward thriller. The two leads deliver good performances, Asia Argento is wonderful in her supporting role (and almost unrecognizable), the Arnaud Rebotini score feels modern but of the genre, and the whole thing is lensed quite well by Matteo Cocco. Bottom line, a respectable watch from an aging master of horror.

Popular reviews

  • Ultrasound



    Can’t help to admire any attempt at low budget science fiction film these days and this is another one that fits the bill. Cast overall is very strong with a wonderful role for Bob Stephenson, a longtime commercial comedic actor, given a role that plays off of that and then some. But the high concept here is one we’ve seen before—the ‘is this reality or is this reality?’ premise—and gives itself away too soon with little production value left to sustain the rest of its running time. Nonetheless, an interesting watch.

  • Parole Violators

    Parole Violators


    Don’t let my 2 STAR review throw you. If it’s a review with a HEART added by me, then it’s a film you need in your life. This movie is an absolute must-see once, twice, and for the rest of your life!