I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★½

I'm actually pretty mad. The movie has an interesting set up for sure, but it makes me so angry how everything interesting about it is kind of thrown out after a while, which takes away from any points the movie could have made in general.

Now I have endure everyone making Rosamund Pike I Care A Lot / Gone Girl mashup-videos on Twitter because she's just such a fucking girlboss with her cute outfits and her ugly vaping and that *feminist icon* bullshit you guys try to push onto every psycho-woman that appears in a movie. I'm not saying that I can't handle unlikable characters. In fact, I think people need to learn how to handle those type of characters more instead of just cancelling movies simply because you don't like a character - and I do like that the characters in this movie are irredemable and evil. However, if the characters are otherwise completely bland and boring and without any substance at all, and if the movie turns into a basic revenge-story where everyone else is so incredibly incompetent, it doesn't work for me.

The movie tries to make all of those statements and comments on the general state of the world, pretending to be super aware about capitalism and feminism, but is actually very shallow about it. Everything is very cheap. It feels like some kind of caricature of movies that were able to handle those type of characters and stories way better.

Acting is great tho, obviously.